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Jay's Privacy Policy

For Editorial Services
I consider all manuscript and other material you submit to be your property. You own and control the copyright on all material you originate and are responsible for securing permission for any material you use wherein the copyright is held by someone else. Any text I originate under our work-made-for-hire agreement that is subsequently included in your manuscript will be your property and you will own and control the copyright to it. I will use the manuscript and any other materials you provide only for the purpose of discharging my obligations under our written agreement. Any copies of this material I make will be used only for that purpose and will not be transmitted or disclosed to any third party without your written consent unless required by law or court order. Hard copies of documents provided by you will be returned upon request under the terms of our written agreement. Hard copies of your documents retained by me may be stored confidentially or destroyed, at my option. Documents provided by you in electronic format (such as e-mail attachments) may be deleted at my discretion. Written analyses, recommendations, memoranda, e-mail messages, and other communications related to the project that I originate (including documents that contain brief excerpts of copyrighted material), in any form, are my property and may be used at my discretion provided such use does not violate the terms of our written agreement. I will never sell, trade, or rent your contact information (e-mail address, street address, telephone or fax numbers, etc.) to any third party.

For Internet Users
When you visit my Website, you may voluntarily elect to share certain information with me. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, your physical address, your telephone/fax numbers, and information required for me to understand and evaluate your project. Other data involving your visit may be collected through the use of “cookies” (small text files placed on your computer by a Website), Web server logs, and other Web tools. This technology is commonly used to track Internet use and refine and improve the information offered on a Website. It may include, but is not limited to, the date and time of your visit, the time you spent on my site, the site pages you viewed, your search queries, and basic information about your computer, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your domain name, your browser type, and the name of your Internet service provider. You may deactivate cookies if you do not want your browsing to be tracked, but doing so may hinder your online experience at this or other sites.

When visiting my Website, you may be directed, through hyperlinks, to other Websites, such as Amazon.com, that are beyond my control. Furthermore, when you are visiting my Website, other companies, such as third-party advertisers and sponsors, if any, may be gathering information about you. My Privacy Policy does not cover the collection of information by those other companies and Websites. Although I encourage third parties to provide their own privacy policies, I am not responsible for their activities, such as how they handle the information they collect online.

I primarily use the identification information you voluntarily share with me to improve your online experience and to do what you have asked of me. As for tracking data, I primarily use that information to evaluate and improve my Website, and to further my marketing efforts.

As a general rule, I do not share your information with unaffiliated third parties. I may, however, share your information with my own personnel and service providers to the extent necessary to fulfill your requests. I reserve the right to disclose your information under limited circumstances, such as to cooperate with law enforcement or judicial authorities as required by law or legal process, to protect my own legal rights, or to protect the public good.

Whenever you are online, you run the risk that the information you give out may fall into the wrong hands. Although I implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices to safeguard your privacy, I cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide to me due to the undeclared, unauthorized, or illegal activities of third parties and I accept no responsibility or liability for the activity of third parties.

Updates to My Privacy Policy
I may, from time to time, change my Privacy Policy and will notify you of any changes by posting my updated Privacy Policy on my Website and inserting a new “Effective Date.”

Effective Date
This Privacy Policy is effective as of March 31, 2012.